I Wanna Say Thanks

Last year in February I was at the most southern point of the World > At Ushuaia

This year I made it in August to the most northern point of Europe > The Nordkap

5520 Km on the road from Munich to the Nordkap – 17800 Km air-line distance from Ushuaia

I feel it’s time to say some word.

I was was really emotional moment touching the Nordkap-Monument.

I’m blessed to see all these beautiful places in the world.

I’m blessed for my health that I can do these travels.

But I’m most thankful for my parents.

They raised me to the man I am.

They teached me to be respectful with the nature and enjoy also the little things.

To enjoy a sunrise in a tent in the middle of nowhere could be so impressive.

And I wanna say their job teaching me was not that bad.

You are my greatest Fans.

I’m so happy you can follow me on my Blog and you like it.

You always check on the live tracking where I’m right now.

Sometimes you know more about the place I stopped before I built up my tent 😉

I am so blessed & thankful about you Mom&Dad


There are no words to describe it in the right way !


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