Long Ride To Hirtshals

It was a really long ride from Mühlleithen to Hirtshals

26 hours total time

16 hours riding time

1251 Km

1st stop was the 1A Garage close to Dresden to fix Clemens shaft drive

We startet at 5am in the morning to be at 7am at the garage

After some minutes on the road we got a perfect sunrise

The first picture shows the bleeder valve that was not workin correct

It was leaking oil, so they sealed it and changed the oil filler cap

to a combination of cap & bleeder valve.

As you see in picture two 🙂

20 minutes > 20 € incl. cap & oil 🙂

The weather in Denmark was not the best.

Rain & cold 🙁

Due to the rough sea they cancelled our ferry trip from Hirtshals

to Kristiansand, because the small speed ferries could not operate.

So we got a rebooking the same day one hor earlier from

Hirtshals to Langesund. But instead of the fast track with

2,5 hrs it took 4,5 hrs.



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