Two O-Rings & Else

Some days ago I recognice in Malargüe at the gas station

that fuel get out of the ventilation pipe of the tank.

Not good 🙁

I could fix it bending the pipe.

But with this solution I had no ventilation of the tank & had

to drive the whole time with an open tank cap.

I was sure that the ventilation pipe in the tank come off

I need to remove the gas cap & also the plate of the fuel pump to

get access to the pipe.

But when I open it I will need two new O-Rings to mount it back.

I wrote my good friend Giselle in Cancun that she contact BMW Mendoza

if they have them on stock.

The dont have but in Buenos Aires and thew will ship it and they will

arrive Friday the 22nd of February.

After a call on Friday they said they will arrive for sure on

Monday the 25th.

So we slowed down our trip not beeing to early in Mendoza.

Finally we arrived Monday noon & they sais the parts will

come tomorrow.

Tuesday the 26th at 13.30 I picked them up !!!!!

I start to repair Else direct when I came back to the

B&B where I staid.

Moritz & Lukas went on going north – I told them I will catch them up

the next days 🙂

Everything went fine ….. The pipe at the gas cap went off ….




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