Mariano & Gabriel from San Rafael

As I told my friend Giselle from Cancun that I will

go north in Argentina & will pass Mendoza she told

me she has a very good friend close to oMendoza in San Rafael.

She will introduce me & perhaps I can see him.

As we get closer to Mendoza I contacted Mariano

that we would like to visit him & if he had a place

nearby to stay with our tents.

He wrote me no problem we can camp in Gabriel’s garden.

As we arrive Mariano direct offered a really cold beer out

of his car & brought a mattress.

We got two beds in the guest room & one on the mattress

in the living room.

Also he brought a bunch of Empanadas.

I just can say that is what travelling makes so amazing.

You make new friends everywhere in the world.


Mariono & Gabriel you were so nice to us.

You are amazing people & I’m blessed

with your friendship & hospiltality.

You let us stay in your house for two nights,

even you was not there the 2nd night because you had

to leave for a training in Mendoza.

You have now good friends in Germany.

I really look forward to you soon in Munich.

You are everytime welcome 🙂



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