2021 Balkan Ride Summary

Let me start with the facts:

10.09.2021 > 17.10.2021

31 days on the bike

8700 Kilometers

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All in all it was another great ride and adventure.

I met a lot of friends on the raod and also made new ones.

A hit a lot of rain on the greek mainland.

Strong winds on crete and already really cold temperatures in Italy.


Else made another great job 🙂

Fully loaded again & nearly no problems.

Only one issue the whole trip

The generator was not charching correct

Just 12,2V system voltage

I stoped at a small garage in Volos with BMW service

The guy tried to helped me direct without appointment.

8 hrs work – Battery change / Generator change > nothing helped

Just a little improvement to 12,5 V

I decided to go on – 12,5 V should be enough 🙂


BMW Service Volos

Google Maps Link


On Crete the system voltage dropped down to 11,8 V

So I tried again to find the problem.

First I checked the  magnetic switch of the starter > No change

Then I thought perhaps it is a ground cable issue

So I took a cable and connected the minus of the battery with the frame

Started the bike and I didn’t believe what I see > 14,0 V  UNBELIEVEABLE

I was so fuckin happy 🙂 🙂


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