Café De Altura Mallku

Thanks  iOverlander for that place 🙂

I had a beautiful ride but it was a long day.

I passed this place already to go for a wild camping spot

a little bit more east.

But the rain of the last weeks make the road I planned

not rideable. Big mudslides blocked the road.

So I turned around & checked iOverlander again.

So I found this place.

It turned out to an amazing moment.

These family has such a peaceful spirit.

Sitting with you together at the fireplace.

That gorgeous Pizza & your homemade bread 🙂

They are fighting with the government & the enviroment.

The fuckin trucks on their road from & to Bolivia.

The hard rainfalls the last weeks.

And at least the earthquakes (I had also one at that night)

Whenever you are close please stop here and enjoy the cut off and slow down.

I really hope to see you soon again.


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