A short story about a container shipping along the Southamerican coast.

Originally the container with Else was loaded on the SAN CLEMENTE vessel.

It was hold 5 days by the port authorities in Lima (Peru).

The Hapag Lloyd then decided to go only to the 1st harbour in Chile close to Antofagasta.

With skipping Antofagasta-Valparaiso-Antofagasta the got the vessel back on scedule.

The plan was to unload the container, store it & load it on the next vessel.

1st plan > unload the container in Antofagasta (Chile) > does not work

2nd plan > unload the container in Lima (Peru) > does not work

3rd plan > unload the container in Buenaventura (Columbia)  > I HOPE IT WILL WORK

Today the CAP SAN SOUNIO arrived at Buenaventura (Columbia) & should load the container for Valparaiso.



Planned arrival of SAN CLEMENTE in Valparaiso 19th of December

Planned arrival of CAP SAN SOUNIO in Valparaiso 10th of January


I will try now to rebook my flights with arrival in Santiago de Chile

the 14th of January instead of the 8th.


Please cross your fingers that everything will work. 🙂

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