The Dream Continues – Panamericana 2019

The last weeks it becomes more and more real.

I will finish the missing part in South-America from the trip of my lifetime.

Right now I’m organizing and planing a lot.

A lot of time I spend right now to get my bike ELSE ready.

  • New GPS

  • New Tires

  • New Battery

  • New Spokes On The Front And Rear Rim

  • New Brake Rotors And Brake Pads In The Front

  • New Öhlins Front Suspension

  • All Liquides Are Changed

  • New K&N Air Filer

  • Crashbars Modified
  • Cut in 2 parts, because it was always necessary to remove the tank
  • for an oil change because the under engine plate is fixed with the crash bars.
  • If you need access to the oil drain plug the under engine plate has to be removed.
  • Finally the upper fixing point of the crash bars is under the tank 🙁

  • A Lot Of The Wiring Controlled, Replaced And Changed

  • Valves Adjusted
  • Cylinders Synchronized
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