Border Crossing Marathon

Border crossing is a pain in the ass & very stressful….

Getting the imigration stamp for entering & leaving the country

is most of the times easy.

Its unbelievable what has to be done to get the permit for the bike.

Its always a combination of different stops at different officies.

You need a lot of copies & stamps then copies of stamps and

stamps on these copies again and finally copies of the

stamped copies….crazy.

Time at the borders between one & 3,5 hrs ……

The marathon was 7 Borders in 9 days ….

29.10.15 Mexico to Belize

29.10.15 Belize to Guatemala

02.11.15 Guatemala to El Salvador (with Yoji)

03.11.15 El Salvador to Honduras (with Yoji)

04.11.15 Honduras to Nicaragua (with Yoji)

05.11.15 Nicaragua to Costa Rica (with Yoji)

06.11.15 Costa Rica to Panama (with Yoji)

Here is a link for a writeup about crossing the borders if

somebody want more details 🙂

Border Crossing


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