Last Day On The Bike Going To New York

After nearly 3 months this was the last day on the bike heading

to New York dropping my bike at the shipper to send it back home

It was a really great day and a perfect completion of the journey

Riding through the Poconos and after that along the

Scenic Bayway  97 beside the Delaware River 🙂


All in all that trip was another amazing adventure

I made a lot of new friends on the way

Had amazing roads and landscapes

But 0n the other hand I had a lot of rain this year

Never had that much & hard rain on my trips around the world

But I can not change it and I think I did a great job to deal with it

The bike had ups and downs

Finally I’m really disappointed how many problems I had with a

nearly brand new bike

Let’s see what Husqvarna/KTM says to these problems ????


Days of the holiday: 80

Days on the Bike: 53

Hours on the Bike: 385

Kilometer Trip: 23.355 (14.512 mls)

Kilometer Bike: 39.448 (24.511 mls) (only after 7 months on the road)



Drop off in Linden,NJ


Kilometer Trip


Kilometer Bike



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