Living A Dream – The Journey Continues January 2019

I started in August 2015 with the dream of my lifetime, to ride the Panamericana from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. I had the most impressive & amazing 30,000km in my life. The most beautiful places of the world and I met amazing people on the road. In December 2015 I had to stop my trip in Lima, Peru because of major back problems. Finally I made the decision to cancel the trip in Lima. I flew home to get the problems fixed direct in a hospital. After that stay in the hospital I flew back to Lima to bring my bike out of country back to Germany. After two weeks and horrible bureaucracy issues I got finally my bike out from customs and it could be shipped. Now I will go on with the trip and finish the trip and visit the countries I planned to travel already in 2015. Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.You can follow me if you want with my GPS-Tracks and from time to time I will write some Blog entries.